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Sinti and Roma in KL Auschwitz
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Voices of Memory 7. Roma in Auschwitz The seventh edition of "Voices of Memory" about Sinti and Roma in Auschwitz. The Gypsy "family camp" ("Zigeunerlager") was established in February 1943 in Birkenau. A total of 21 thousand Gypsy prisoners were registered there. The "Gypsy camp" was characterized by hunger, overcrowded barracks and poor hygienic and sanitary conditions. By the beginning of August 1944, there were only about three thousand people. On August 2, they were taken to the gas chambers of Crematorium V and murdered. The "Gypsy camp" was liquidated in this way. In addition to scholarly articles, excerpts from survivor accounts, photographs, and documents, we are publishing for the first time the seven portraits of Roma painted in Birkenau by the prisoner artist Dinah Gottliebova on orders from camp physician Josef Mengele. We hope that this book will help by providing more complete information about the “forgotten Holocaust,” as the slaughter of the European Sinti and Roma by the Nazis is often referred to, in the hope that there will never be a repetition of this tragedy that Auschwitz has come to symbolize. Nie wolno o nich zapomnieć. Man darf sie nie vergessen. We should never forget them - CD CD version of the album by Museum historian Helena Kubica, published by the Auschwitz Memorial in 2003. It is devoted to the memory of the children deported to Auschwitz Concentration Camp, the majority of whom were murdered in the camp by the Germans or fell victim to the conditions of life in the camp. It is estimated that there were approximately 230,000 children and young people aged less than eighteen among the 1,300,000 million people deported to Auschwitz Concentration Camp between 1940 and 1945. The majority, over 216,000 children, were of Jewish origin, and over 11,000 were Gypsy (Roma). The remaining children were of Polish, Belorussian, Ukrainian, Russian, or other origin.

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Sinti and Roma (Gypsies) in KL Auschwitz. Thematic book set
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