Task 7

Task 7 Protecting and improving conditions of displaying original camp objects.

Completed in 2012

In November 2012, modernisation of showcases which secure original items on display at the permanent exhibition of Block no A-5, such as eye glasses and Jewish prayer shawls which belonged to deportees to Auschwitz, was completed. Modernisation and execution of new showcase windows increased the security of exhibits against stealing or acts of vandalism. In addition, it improved protection of original items against adverse external conditions, while at the same time serving as basic fire protection.
As the Museum decided to dismount and dispose of the existing platform on which Jewish prayer shawls are displayed, the condition of the original floor located underneath was checked. The Preservation Department was involved in this work. Having completed minor conservation work, which consisted of floor cleaning, the original floor was uncovered on the stands for display of tallits will be installed directly on the floor..
Considering the need to change the method of displaying prayer shawls, the Conservation Department developed guidelines on the basis of which design was made in the form of drawings and paper models. During the design due account was taken of parameters ensuring appropriate and safe display of original Jewish prayer shawls. The contractor who will execute the stands for displaying the prayer shawls was selected and the relevant contract signed. 


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