Task 1

Task 1 Reinforcing the ceiling and the floor slabs in the building of the Archive Block A-24

Completed in 2012

This project task involves building works consisting of reinforcement of the building’s ceiling and wooden rafter framing in line with the applicable construction standards and the corresponding building permit design to ensure safe use of the building.
In 2012 the following work was delivered at Building inv. no. A–24:

  • work on the building permit design & working plans and technical specifications of work delivery and acceptance along with relevant cost estimates (the project is financed by the Museum).
  • the permit was issued by the Voivodeship Heritage Protection Officer in Kraków (Wojewódzki Konserwator Zabytków w Krakowie) for the reinforcement of the building structure.

The beginning of the task delivery was delayed because a design of the reconstruction of sanitary and power installations conflicting with design of elements to reinforce the structure was needed. To this end a letter of inquiry was sent to companies able to design the reconstruction of relevant installations. The reinforcement of the ceiling and the rafter framing as well as the reconstruction of installations must be done in parallel, in view of the fact the Building A-24 houses the Archive office which must not be completely closed.

Completed in 2013

In 2013 cost estimates of construction works to reinforce the building structure were updated under this task. Terms of Reference for construction work and investor’s supervision were prepared and calls for tenders announced to select contractors.

Completed in 2014

In 2014, all construction works under the task were completed. All ceilings in the building and the construction of the roof truss (purlins, rafters, collar beams) were reinforced with the use of steel elements. The project was aimed to strengthen the building’s construction, in order to adjust it to the loads resulting from the building’s function, as well as securing its original landmark substance.



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