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Carpentery works
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Floor preservation
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Preservation works

One of the most important tasks facing the Museum is safeguarding the original terrain structure of the site, where there are more than 150 buildings, 300 ruins, and kilometers of roads and fencing. The staff of the Conservation Department’s construction-renovation section carry out the necessary preservationist renovation work, while maintaining the buildings and equipment in the appropriate technical condition. They also make repairs and conduct technical inspections of the building on a regular basis.

The basic tasks of the construction-renovation section include:

  • Maintaining and operating the water, sewer, electrical, telephone, central heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems, as well the fire and burglar alarms
  • Technical services for all Museum departments
  • Conducting regular technical inspections of all original buildings
  • Preparing the documentation necessary for applications, permits, and agreements connected with construction work
  • Cooperating with outside contractors on design and performance
  • Supervising, administering, and carrying out construction work
  • Designing construction projects
  • Compiling post-completion documentation on construction work
  • Keeping the architectonic-construction records up to date.