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Winners of the volunteers award “If Not For Those Ten…”


On the 73rd anniversary of establishing of the Museum at the site of the former German Nazi concentration and extermination camp Auschwitz-Birkenau, we are announcing the winners of “If Not for Those Ten…” awards. They go to our volunteers and representatives of institutions supporting voluntary work at the Memorial. Among the winners there are persons from Poland, China, Germany, Pakistan and the USA.


Volunteers at the Memorial
Volunteers at the...
Volunteers at the Memorial
Volunteers at the...
Volunteers at the Memorial
Volunteers at the...
Volunteers at the Memorial
Volunteers at the...

“The presence of volunteers and interns at the Memorial is of great importance to us. We want to emphasize this by announcing the names of the award winners in the traditional term, on the day of the anniversary of the Museum establishment. This is our symbolic appreciation for their help," said Piotr Cywiński, Museum Director.

"At the moment, the Museum is slowly returning to normal functioning after more than three months. This is extremely important to us, because education in this particular place is fundamental to building our common responsibility. The Museum's volunteers are the best example of this," emphasized Director Cywiński.

“Due to the present sanitary restrictions we have decided to postpone the award ceremony. We would like to organize it on December 5th, when Volunteers Day is celebrated all over the world. We have asked all winners to share with us their personal reflection on what it means for them to be a volunteer at the Memorial”, Kacorzyk added.

In 2019, the work of the Museum was supported by nearly 500 volunteers and interns from all over the world. They were getting involved not only in organization of commemorative events, conferences or educational sessions, but also supported ongoing activity of the Memorial.

The award of the Director of the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum “If Not For Those Ten..." is presented once every year on the anniversary of the establishment of the Museum on July 2nd 1947. The award is given to outstanding volunteers and coordinators of the voluntary service. The award is in the shape of a glass statue, to which an official letter is attached. The obverse side of the statue has the inscription in Polish and English “Gdyby zabrakło dziesięciu…” ("If Not for Those Ten...”).

2020 Award Winners (in the order of the appearence in the film):

FAN ZIXING – volunteer from China, she arrived at the Museum in July 2019. She helped in the activity of different departments of the Museum. She also presented two lectures addressed to Museum staff and guides, one concerning the Nanking Massacre and the second devoted to the commemoration of victims in today’s world. She supported the work of different departments of the Museum.

ARTUR CHMIELEWSKI – volunteer since 2016, involved mainly in supporting the events commemorating the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz and educational sessions during which he takes care of former prisoners or supports the activity of the Press Office.

DOROTA ZAWADZKA – volunteer since 2016, she began her work for the Museum as a student of the Konarski High School from the World Youth Day. Now she is ready to support liberation anniversaries, conferences as well as supports some of the departments of the Museum in their ongoing activity.

GRZEGORZ SAŁATA – volunteer since 2017, mainly during the events commemorating the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, conferences and educational sessions during which he usually takes care of former prisoners. Fully involved in volunteering for the Museum.

JORDAN GOSSETT – volunteer from USA, for the first three months of the year 2019 she worked as an online volunteer performing transcriptions of archival materials. She arrived at the Museum in August 2019 and worked in the archives until the end of the year.

MATEUSZ ROCHOWICZ – student of 12th Special Care and Educational Facility for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired in Wrocław. During his volunteering work, he renovated two wardrobes currently situated in the Archives practically on his own. What is more, he supported the 74th anniversary of the liberation.

MEHEK GHAFFAR – intern from the Jagiellonian University, originally from Pakistan. At the Museum she spent the period from July to September 2019. The student worked in the Archives, where she proved her involvement and conscientiousness.

NATALIA NOWAK – volunteer since 2017, initially working remotely on preparing transcriptions for the Archives. She also supports subsequent anniversaries of the liberation. What is more, she currently coordinates volunteering work for the Museum at the school where she works.

RENE WENNMACHER – volunteer from Germany since August 2019. He worked in the Archives as well as supported the conservation workshop. He performed his work in a very conscientious and precise way. He was also involved in supporting other Museum departments as well as educational sessions. As a volunteer, he worked during the 74th anniversary of the liberation of KL Auschwitz.

VOLKER ARNOLD – volunteer from Germany, at the Museum since August 2019 up to now. He works at the library on the project consisting in preparing catalogue descriptions of publications from special collections of the Museum library. This part of the collection includes publications from the period of the Third Reich.