Educators from penitentiaries and jails at the seminar in the Auschwitz Museum


Educators and penitentiary managers of penitentiaries and jails from the Regional Inspectorate of Prison Service in Kraków and the Inspectorate in Katowice took part in seminars in the subsequent edition of “Auschwitz, history, civic education”.

The seminar for educators and penitentiary staff is the first stage of the project “Auschwitz, history, civic education”. The second step involves education of inmates. In collaboration with educators from the ICEAH, trips are organised for prosoners to the Museum, as well as lectures, multimedia presentations and film screenings in penitentiaries.

Participants of the seminar took part in scientific lectures about the fate of women and children in KL Auschwitz, the resistance movement and colonel Pilecki, and they also met with former inmate of Auschwitz, Mr Bogdan Bartnikowski. Furthermore, they were able to view the exhibition “Women in KL Auschwitz” and watch films devoted to Witold Pilecki. During the seminar, the participants were presented with educational proposals by the Museum, which will be implemented in prisons.

In this year’s edition of the project “Auschwitz, history, civic education”, the main theme will be the fate of women and children in KL Auschwitz in 11 penitentiary facilities of the Inspectorate of Prison Service in Kraków. Whilst in 17 penitentiaries and jails of the Inspectorate in Katowice, information on Colonel Witold Pilecki will be presented.

The project has been going on for five years now. During this time, the Museum has been visited by 877 detainees, and 21,460 prisoners have participated in lectures and film screenings in penitentiaries and jails.