Digital Memorial Monument - Names of Deportees to Auschwitz from the Lublin Area


The Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum has posted on its website the names of Poles from Lublin deported by the Nazis to the Nazi German Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II. The database is more than a valuable source of historical information; it is also a monument to the memory of people whose lives were tragically scarred by Auschwitz.

“This time, we are giving all interested parties access to data on about seven thousand Auschwitz prisoners deported from the Lublin District. The data is based on the Memorial Book about deportees from Lublin and other localities in the Lublin area, published last year by the Museum,” said Krzysztof Antończyk, head of the Auschwitz Museum Digital Repository. “We have thus completed a project to memorialize Polish men and women sent to Auschwitz by the German Security Police and Security Service from the four occupation districts of the General Government. At present, we are offering electronic access to data from the districts of Warsaw (twenty-six thousand names), Cracow (eighteen thousand), Radom (sixteen thousand), and Lublin (eighteen thousand),” said Antończyk.

At present, there is access at to a database with information on about 180 thousand Auschwitz prisoners registered by the Germans. The information comes from more than seventy archival groups of original German records including the “death books,” the record book of the Zigeunerfamilienlager (the so-called “Gypsy family camp”), the lists of new arrivals, the daily prisoner count books, and the records of the so-called camp hospitals.

The Digital Repository now contains over 650 thousand discrete records. In many cases they consist only of the prisoner number, without the name or date of birth. This makes identification a long, painstaking process. In coming years, there will be Internet access to an enriched range of documents currently undergoing analysis by archivists and documentation specialists at the Auschwitz Memorial.

An Appeal

Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of the authors of the Memorial Books, it has not yet been possible to establish the names of everyone deported to Auschwitz. We are therefore addressing an appeal to former prisoners, their relatives, and all other persons who are in possession of camp documents—letters, death certificates, telegrams with death notifications, or receipts for the mailing of parcels—to submit these documents (or copies of them) to the Museum archives. Postwar materials or any other information making it possible to commemorate the greatest possible numbers of Auschwitz prisoners and victims are also valuable to us.

The Lublin Memorial Book

Księga Pamięci. Transporty Polaków do KL Auschwitz z Lublina i innych miejscowości Lubelszczyzny 1940-1944 [Memorial book: transports of Poles to Auschwitz from Lublin and other localities in the Lublin area 1940-1944, in Polish] was published in 1944. The Lublin District was intended to play the role of the “agricultural backbone of the General Government” and the extensive territory of the Zamość region was designated for German settlers. Under this policy, the Nazis deported 7,199 Polish men and women to Auschwitz from this area. The book was launched at Lublin Castle.

The Digital Repository. Photo: Tomasz Peilesz
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A Memorial Book - the Names of Deportees to Auschwitz from the Lublin Area
A Memorial Book -...