Auschwitz document found in a Łódź high school handed over to the Auschwitz Archive


The management of Gabriel Narutowicz High School no. 2 in Łódź handed over what is most likely an original document of the camp that was found in the school library, to the Archives of the Auschwitz Memorial Site. This is the list of new prisoners that arrived to the German Nazi concentration and extermination camp on 21 May 1941. It contains the names of 15 prisoners deported to Auschwitz from Lodz, Poznan and Katowice.

‘While going through the collection of old books in our library, we discovered a yellowed sheet of paper in one of the books. At first, we treated it as a curiosity, but when it turned out that we could make out the words "Politische Abteilung" and "Konzentrationslager Auschwitz” and that it contained names, camp numbers, dates of birth, we were the least to say shocked. It was obvious to us that the most appropriate place for such a document will be the Auschwitz Museum,’ said the director of the school Jadwiga Ochocka.

The deputy head of the Museum Archives Szymon Kowalski underlined that it is a very interesting document. ‘Lists of new prisoners were prepared in multiple copies. In the document of 21 May 1941 in our collections, there were 28 and not 15 prisoners. Corrections were also made to camp numbers, occupations and in some cases names,’ he said.

‘It seems, therefore, that "the list from Lodz" was the first list of prisoners brought to the camp on that day. The document was probably later supplemented, corrected and assumed the form of a document that we possess in our Archive. It is an issue we will explore. The document, given the visible signs of partial burning will, of course, be referred to specialists at our conservation workshops’ he added.

The list discovered at the school in Łódż contains 15 names: 14 Poles (including 1 Jew) and 1 German. On the basis of partially preserved original camp records, we were able to establish information about 10 prisoners: 8 died in the camp after a few months while two survived the war. We were unable to find data related to five people.

‘We are extremely grateful for the quick response of the Museum and provision of information related to persons whose names appear in the document. Every year, third-grade pupils from our school visit the Auschwitz Memorial. We will certainly use the materials that we have received from you in our work with young people; show them to pupils so that they know and remember,’ said the director.

Expressing gratitude for the document received, Szymon Kowalski donated some of the Museum’s publications to the school library, among others.: "Preparation for a visit to the Museum and the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial Site", educational publications of the "Voices of Memory" series, memoir literature and a book by Dr. Andrzej Strzelecki "Deportation of Jews from the Łódź ghetto to KL Auschwitz and their extermination".

Prisoners, whose names appear on the “List from Łódź"

• Antoni Adamczak - deported to KL Auschwitz from Poznan. Camp no. 15618. Died in the camp 3 July 1941.

• Franciszek Bugaj – deported to KL Auschwitz from Łódź. Camp no. 15636. Died in the camp 18 July 1941.

• Zygmunt Domagała – deported to KL Auschwitz from Łódż. Camp no. 15637. Fate unknown.

• Czesław Frątczak – deported to KL Auschwitz from Łódź. Camp no. 15639. Survived the war.

• Adalbert (Wojciech) Goldberg – deported to KL Auschwitz from Poznan. Camp no. 15621. Fate unknown.

• Stanisław Hajdas (on the Łódź List as Piotr) – deported to KL Auschwitz from Łódź. Camp no. 15633. Died in the camp 6 September 1941.

• Bolesław Kita – deported to KL Auschwitz from Poznan. Camp no. 15622. Survived the war.

• Marian Kobiak – deported to KL Auschwitz from Poznan. Camp no. 15619. Fate unknown.

• Albert Majewski – deported to KL Auschwitz from Katowice. Camp no. 15641. Died in the camp 17 February 1942.

• Stanisław Miłek – deported to KL Auschwitz from Łódź. Camp no. 15629. Died in the camp 10 August 1941.

• Jan Miroński – deported to KL Auschwitz from Łódź. Camp no. 15632. Fate unknown.

• Józef Mleczak – deported to KL Auschwitz from Poznan. Camp no. 15628. Died in the camp 30 October 1941.

• Kurt Mueller – deported to KL Auschwitz from Poznan. Camp no. 15620. Fate unknown.

• Adam Szymaniak – deported to KL Auschwitz  from Łódź. Camp no. 15631. Died in the camp 18 October 1941.

• Mieczysław Urbański (on the Łódź List as Kazimierz) – deported to KL Auschwitz from Łódź. Camp no. 15630. Died in the camp 22 January 1942.

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