Safety conditions

One of the collections storerooms
One of the...

The collections are stored in original camp buildings on the Auschwitz I grounds. There are nearly 100 thousand objects in 3,500 sq. m. of space. The items in storage require an individual approach and the planning of innovative ways of preserving them.

An overall concept for modernizing the storage system was developed in 2008. It was decided, after analyzing the conditions under which all the objects are stored and the conditions of the objects themselves, to give priority to revised procedures for storing the suitcases.

As financial considerations permit, work in the next few years will include

• installing a state-of-the art sprinkler system using a neutral substance that will not harm the items
• replacing the lighting
• installing a central system for the remote monitoring of temperature and humidity
• equipping the storage areas with shelves and safes so that items can be stored according to the latest conservation standards and recommendations.