Punishments and executions

A punishment report for Marie Tajfelbaum. It wanted 5 nights in standing cell for picking an apple. (Auschwitz-Birkenau
A punishment report...

Regulation punishment was applied in Auschwitz on the basis of written orders from the commandant or the camp director, as well as reports from SS men and prisoner functionaries. The most frequently punished infractions included all attempts at acquiring additional food, various forms of shirking work or working in an unsatisfactory way, doing things such as smoking or relieving oneself at the improper time, wearing non-regulation clothing, or attempting to commit suicide.

The punishments were completely arbitrary. Prisoners received different penalties for the same offenses. The most frequent punishments were flogging, confinement in block 11 in the main camp, “the post” (strappado or “hanging torture”), or assignment to the penal company.